& Architecture
A+D Museum
Los Angeles

As an extension of research completed by Anthony at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, architecture, architectural & Architecture was a broader engagement into the role of the image, object and text. With 100 participants submitting one of each of the above elements, the resulting collection began to present a cross section of what each Architecture looks to be in today’s disciplinary framework.

Curated by

Anthony Morey
Ryan Tyler Martinez

Associate Curators
︎ William Hu
︎ Joel Kerner
︎ Nicholas Korody

Build Out
︎ Eastbridge Studios
︎ Home Depot + SCI-Arc

Today, we have paused and exploded into a plethora of unrelated directions. Simultaneously, the scholars of architectural discourse have found no foundation on which to attach their new words, endlessly attempting to pull from the graveyard of forged memories and manifestos, attempting to scratch for a ray of light to peer upon their texts.

Text, defined as content rather than physical form, and, image defined as a representation of external form then leaves Architecture with either text with nothing to shape or images with nothing to say. These modes of archi­tectural communication have fostered a space of inquiry and disconnect between the scholarly text and design image.

There's a potential energy out there—but not a clear or focused one. Forty years ago, the discipline had a clear focus and a clear voice against it. Stances and positions couldn't have been clearer. These polarities, extremes and oppositions were great for discussion, production and for the discipline at large—you were in a constant stream of finding and defending. We don't have that same potency today: no stance has the momentum to generate that kind of opposition. In fact, to the contrary, we allow for such stances to stand unopposed; we are afraid of what might be said; we would rather pat ourselves on the back than turn around and face the hand face first.

Build Out Process